Are we in need of an angel to come stir the Pool of Siloam?

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Are we in need of an angel to come stir the Pool of Siloam? Empty Are we in need of an angel to come stir the Pool of Siloam?

Post by Lili-ni-Viti on Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:43 pm

Beloved, shall we pray for an Angel to come down and stir this pool of Siloam in cyberspace?! Smile Oh maybe not. I so feel the LORD the most in the silence of my tomb! The Most Holy Place would be the quietest place of the Temple.

The LORD loves you very much Saints; much more than you can ever fathom; accept this and don't imagine all sorts of ways to repay Him; i.e. you can't; so just relax, lean into His bosom; and on those occasions when He does ask you to do something, then do that as this is the acceptable sacrifice; and it proves your love for Him - "if you love Me, you will obey My Commands." He NEVER asks you to do anything that is beyond your capacity to do.

Let us be looking at His words and praying (prophesying) those over ourselves, family and communities. Because of what was done on the cross for us; how else can we respond to Him, except with agreement and commitment to His plans for us.

In Yehoshua with love

P.S. Oh by the way did some of you listen to the latest from prophetess Mena Lee Grebin - The LORD's instruction to her which she passed on to us all is to pray for the saints in Iran (His people and children in Iran), because Israel has purposed to bomb their country. I asked Holy Spirit to help me pray and I was amazed what fell out of my mouth and came together with bits and pieces I had received over the years and kept in my journal. I share it in other places on the Forum today.


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