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Post by Lili-ni-Viti on Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:01 pm

During the period this year (2015) when a group of nations that included US, Russia, France (not sure how many and who else) were negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran (I never understood anything about this at all as I live in the middle of the Pacific ocean). I heard it in the news and on alternate media mostly from US-based you-tubers but paid scant attention to it. However one Sunday, after listening to a Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog news wrap-up tape) and pottering around my house later I clearly heard out of the blue the Voice of the Lord say "THIS IS MY ARABIAN THOROUGHBRED". I immediately received that this referred to IRAN, and this special description came from imagery from a dream I had many years ago; which I have only just found this past weekend. It was an unusual dream (the first of its kind I received) and I share it below:


"Something different this am. It was interesting but disquieting."


I was trying to take a nap in the middle of the day, like lunchtime at work (I retired in 2013), but I was not comfortable. Then the office carpenter happens to come round the corner and found me and noted my efforts and discomfort and asks, “What you trying to do my dear?!”

I tell him I’m trying to get some sleep, like serious sleep, turn off the lights-in-the-room sleep; then he says, “I got just the thing for you! I have so and so’s mattress with me, I have to [do such and such] with it, so you can use it now.” He goes out, brings the mattress in and puts it on the floor and makes sure I’m comfortable, than he goes off. I go to sleep, with a sheet over me. It is while I am sleeping that I am aware of the entire goings on that unfolds throughout a dream which I see within the outer dream.

Our whole family are in a house, very brightly lit. I cannot tell whether it is night or day. The place doesn’t look familiar; it’s like a hostel-type dwelling, a long room. My father is with us, and we are observing a chestnut (brown) beautiful Arabian thoroughbred horse, that we understand had won many races. Someone is leading it while it is being paraded for all to see. It was a champion horse. The horse belongs to my father, and he is quite pleased with it.

Then my father says, “Watch what is going to happen; something will happen to the horse tonight, and watch the reaction in the news tomorrow morning.”

And I understand, without actually seeing what happened, that the horse was shredded overnight. It was torn to shreds, there was blood everywhere, and it was such a loss; but the arrangement to let destruction befall the horse had prior approval of my Father; in fact he arranged it all. There were two groups of people he got to do the deed of horse shredding. One was English.

According to his instructions to us; after the overnight death of the horse, we were to prepare to leave where we were the following morning. We actually have the TV on first thing in the morning (it is still grey and early dawn) to observe what my Father told us would be on TV, I’m actually reluctant to see the blood etc but the TV gets turned on and the family watches the happenings before starting to move around packing our things to prepare to leave as he had said we should do. I’m sort of looking on obliquely not really wanting the see the horrible sight because I seemed to be laying down in this whole first part of the dream.

Somewhere roundabout here, this rather strange thing happens. My father is walking around in our midst, and at one point there he walks over to where I am lying and he pushes his hooked left thump (hooked inward) so he presses his knuckle into my chest over my right breast (my breasts are like a young girl’s that has her breasts starting to grow), and he says audibly, but mostly to himself, “That is not KKTM.” KKTM are the initials of the leader of my country that led it to independence in 1970 and was the most admired and respected leader ever with his hold on power lasting more than 2 decades. Even his physical stature standing more 6.5 feet made him tower over other world leaders and we were so proud of him and he was revered throughout the Pacific in his hey day.

Soon after watching the TV events we are preparing to leave as instructed.

I asked Eunice, a 16-year-old niece of mine, “Are you coming?”

She said, “No,” with a half smile on her face.

One of my sisters remarked, “She was last night!”


In the second part of the dream within the dream, I am standing near to wherever the action was happening observing all that was unfolding.

The groups of people responsible for killing the 'Arabian thoroughbred' turn on each other. They were compatriots in the killing the horse, but I observed that the following morning one group come to the place where the other group was in the dormitory/or ward-like setting of a hospital where they are doing what they normally do while at work. The two groups were exactly alike, for one type of person; there was one in the one group and one in the other, e.g. there was a person like a nursing sister in the dormitory place, and there was a nursing sister that came with the other group. They also must have been equal in number, because the individuals in the invasive group just went directly to the one that matched themselves in the opposite group and overcame them.

The nursing sister, standing by a bed, when she suddenly became aware what was happening to all her companions (as her match was a while in getting to her)…. said in alarm, “Hey what is going on here??!!”

But the woman who was to apprehend her was already behind her and put her in that familiar lock hold, with one hand placed in the back of the neck of the captive.

The captor just said in reply, “Try starting with nothing!”

The invasive group had completely overcome and held the other group captive; and not in a benevolent way! In fact the invaded group was caught completely by surprise and had no defence. There was not even a scuffle! They were overrun and taken captive so easily. And they were led away and the invasive group took their places."


In 2004, when asking the Lord what he could be meaning, the only text I ever got was Jeremiah 12; and particularly verse 5: [God’s Answer ] “If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?"

Disquieting to say to least; but The Father is saying you/we (representing those who will be spared) should be ready to leave the following morning after the 'shredding of the horse' event. We need to seek Him about leaving to go where?

I had initially wanted to find this dream to post it because of the Word of the Lord that Named IRAN as the horse in this dream that I received a few months back. But I was driven to really look in my terrabytes of data to find it when I heard Mena Lee Grebin's latest post this month.

A Servant of Yehoshua

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